Logo design trends for 2018

5 logo design trends for 2018

Your company logo design reflects your business culture and represents you as an entity. Today we will explore the top 5 logo design trends this year that will come in handy if you are looking to design one for your new venture or to revise your current one.

1) Form Simplification

A long-term trend that is here to stay in 2018. Using minimum details, this design accentuates the essence and eliminates irrelevant components that are not essential to the overall composition. With more sophisticated technology platforms available, keeping your logo simple makes it easy for cross platform compatibility. It makes your logo looks great and presentable on both online platforms such as social media, website as well as traditional marketing tools such as name cards, ad banners and others.

2) Experimental Techniques in Typography

Typography has always been a subject to experimentation, from Sans Serif to handwriting and designer continue to be creative in these techniques, creating new typographic shapes and styles. And this extends to the creation of enchanting and invigorating logo designs. Adding the right twist such as fading, breaking or cropping the shapes of letters while keeping its legibility, are often clever ways to transform plain logos and portray your brand in a unique way.

3. Basic Geometric Shapes

Following the general trend towards less-is-more contemporary look of minimalism, logo designs are also getting back to basics, focusing on using simple geometry and shapes (lines, points, rectangles, circles) to create powerful graphic elements. When used appropriate with clear fonts and right colours, these clean designs are commanding visual effects that enhances your brand’s core values and competencies.

4. Energetic and Fun Styles

If your core business is something fun and playful, you could design something funky and energetic to represent your brand. Using refreshing cartoons, bright colours or even silly puns may be effective in bringing your brand’s image to live.

5. Colours Overlay

Overlay involves layering transparent colours to give a blend or gradient of colours effect. This style adds a new dimension and texture to flat logo design logins, creating a new look that brings depth to the design. MasterCard’s recent logo overhaul gives this technique a new boost, giving designers a new idea to turn flat designs into something more captivating.