Interesting videos trend for your marketing strategy

4 Interesting Videos trend for your Marketing Strategy

Video content is officially here to take over the digital landscape in 2018. Here are 4 interesting videos marketing trends that will help to set your product/service apart from your competitors.

1) Live Video Streaming

More than 13% of web traffic from video comes directly from live videos and we believe it will continue to grow in popularity for various reasons.

The time-sensitive nature of live videos gives your followers and potential audience the “fear of missing out”, thus boosting a level of excitement and anticipation. Regardless whether it’s a Q&A session, product showcase, or a podcast, it will be attractive to users who are keen about your service and product. The low investment in production and editing makes it easy for anyone to start using this immersive technology as a new form of marketing.

The high level of engagement and huge potential outreach could potentially keep your viewers drawn to the screen 3 times longer than with regular videos, leaving 10x more comments during the same period of time as well. Start leveraging on livestreaming services added to the common social media platforms like Facebook Live or Instagram TV to share your message.

2) Videos Effective Without Sound

One interesting finding on video marketing, particularly on social media is that 85% of the videos on Facebook are actually played without sound! This poses a challenge and also opportunity for marketers to tap into this trend to design content and on-screen graphics and captions to grab the attention of viewers without sound.

One example that we love is Tasty on Buzzfeed who shares recipe videos that don’t require sound to enjoy. The hyperlapse-style videos are easy to watch, rich in graphics and eye catching, making viewers want to stick around to learn about the rest of the recipe.

3) Video as a Storytelling Device

Increasingly, storytelling is an important part in brand marketing. It is wise to combining storytelling with video when developing a holistic marketing campaign that expresses your brand’s story through a visually rich content medium. Weaving a compelling story into your marketing video could give a soft human touch and generate empathy and excitement in your viewers while creating a brand awareness at the same time. Think of some of the most memorable commercial you have watched and they are likely those with great storyline.

4) 360° Videos

With augmented reality and virtually making a comeback in 2018, companies need to embrace 360° videos and leverage on this easy-to-implement technology to give an immersive and interactive customer experience. At its most basic, such videos can allow users to experience first-hand what it is like to be in the environment and this type of video marketing is particularly useful for an authentic experience in spaces such as restaurants, cafes, hotels as well as residential apartments. This growing trend poses huge opportunities. Google for instance, has found that comparing to standard video versions, 360 videos has a 46% higher click rate, attracting more viewers and reducing the cost-per-view for business owners.

Visual content has become a crucial element of consumers’ lives and to capture your potential clients’ attention require more creative and engaging resources and presentations. It’s time to invest and adopt the latest technology and trends to keep yourselves relevant in the game!