3 ways to drive traffic to your website from your social media networks

Social media is the most popular marketing tool used by small businesses and new entrepreneurs. It offers many possibilities for driving traffic to your website or blog so that your business can gain the attention of your target audience, increase your popularity/brand and sell more products & services. Why is Social Media important? Social media is where real people hang out and it is a large pond where you can “fish” for your ideal clients. How do you do this? Well, you need to attract them to your website. Here are three tips to drive traffic to your website from social media networks.

Share your website content on social media sites more than once.

First off, after you’ve built up your social media pages/profiles for your business, it’s time to become active. The best way to drive traffic from your social media networks to your website is to share useful, interesting and engaging content such as a blog post. Sharing and re-sharing your content, including a link to your website, is the secret to engaging your audience and driving them to your website. Keep your website updated with fresh blog posts, articles and information that is useful to your ideal clients and of course, share the links to this content on social media. Here is the thing, you need to share the content a few times. Why? Because people are on social media at different times and they may miss the first time you post it. In addition, you have new followers & connections joining your social network all of the time and they missed some of your past posts!

Use attractive images and catchy titles.

Making your social media posts & images catchy implies that you have great content. People make an assessment about you, your brand and your website based on the images they see. Remember, You are competing with all of the other posts on social media so you need to stand out! Create attractive, catchy or even controversial titles and accompany your posts with great images that catch the attention of your followers and won’t go unnoticed. It’s not just the quality of your content that drives traffic to your website, but you have to entice social media followers to click that link and want to find out more about you or read more!

Be consistent!

Last but not least, there’s another very important thing you need to take into consideration, and that is: consistency. Exactly! It’s not enough to share a blog post once a month or share a link to a free offer on your site once a month, you need to be more active and consistent than that if you want to build a great and engaging audience AND drive consistent traffic to your website. Consider using a social media scheduling tool to help manage your time so that you can be more consistent with your posts.

Due to the nature of small businesses they tend to lack the resources and have certain disadvantages, compared to established brands, when it comes to marketing and getting products and services seen on the internet. But the very nature of small businesses can be their great advantage when it comes to taking advantage of the biggest growing sales area on the web, Social Media.