E-Commerce Website

What Is An E-Commerce Website?

An eCommerce website is used for the purchase and sale of goods and services. It can also transmit funds or data over the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, or consumer-to-business.


Why Is It Important?

An e-commerce website drives sales! It also allows customers to post their comments regarding products and services. Thus, the owner of the website gets feedback. A good e-commerce website retains loyal customers. Many functions such as coupon code, loyalty reward points, newsletters, etc can be created into your e-commerce website. Thus, having an e-commerce website for your product sales is highly important in today's competitive environment.

Why Hei Web Creations?

Unlike other companies, we do not just design and build your website. We will first understand your business model, strengths, and target audience. Then, we design your website based on your intended marketing strategy. We are also a one-stop service provider and can include services such as photography, videography, virtual tour filming, content writing, and logo design. We are priced affordably and we make sure your website increases your business value and gives potential customers a further boost in wanting to contact you.


Main Features We Provide

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Designer Website

Better to have no website than a plain, ugly one that irks visitors. We create a designer website that suits your corporate brand.

We understand that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We will design your website to be loved by most people.

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Responsive Viewing

All websites designed by us are fully responsive to all devices (i.e Desktop, tablets and mobile phone). Visitors to the website can see and do all functions without any disturbance. There will not be any unclickable buttons or untidy or unviewable words.

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Secure Website

In today's digital world, IT security is of utmost importance. There is an increase in IT security compromise and it is usually due to inexperienced website designer/developer who did not use reliable plugins. Also, they do not install features that protect your website or allow you to do constant backups. We do all this for you.

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Admin Panel & Cpanel Access

Yes! Your heard this - FULL ACCESS to your OWN website. It might sound illogical, but many IT companies do not give this to the website owners. They charge a maintenance fee and in actual fact, you do not own your website because it is hosted with them, and they own the domain name. We do things cleanly. You will have domain registered under your company and you it will be hosted in your own hosting server (we will help you create one under your name).

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Content Check

We will check the content on your website for any spelling errors and grammar mistakes. If you need a professional content writer, we will have a local content writer for you at an affordable fee.

We will also check for plagiarism using software tools upon request.

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Unlike other website design companies, we are also good at SEO. If you are interested in doing SEO, it will be best for you to hire us to do the entire process starting from website design and SEO work.

Our founder, Jaden, believes that it is all about getting the right content presented in the right format for Google to 'crawl' and the right website traffic will come.

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