Content Writing

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Every website is focusing on a particular topic which is known as its niche. In SEO content writing the first thing required is the depth keyword research on a particular topic. The SEO services are using especially keyword research tools to find the highly trending keywords of a particular niche.

The prime motto of using keywords on the niche is to make the content understandable for the Google search. The keywords which are having very high volume in Google search with less completion need to be chosen to use in the SEO content. This keyword techniques increase the rank of the website in Google search.


After choosing high volume keywords for the SEO content of website the next step is to select a topic. The Topic must be updated & as per the current trending. The topic must be related to the keywords chosen earlier. The density of the Keywords in the SEO content must be limited because a bunch of keywords makes the content bulky and unattractive.

The process of optimizing in the Google search engine of the old published content again is known as the re-optimization. Re-optimization is a great tool to create more traffic for the SEO content previously published. There should be a fixed scheduled in fortnightly / monthly / quarterly / six-monthly / annually to make such re-optimization of old SEO contents. The re-optimization also involves the merging of two articles, connecting and hyperlink between two articles and others. The re-optimization can be done in two different levels of the contents. First, the re-optimization of the keywords replacing the old keywords with new current trend keywords and the second is the page creation for different categories.