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Site migration is a crucial task for SEO experts. It improves and changes the ranking factors when done correctly. The successful site migration can provide better visibility and organic traffic to the website. Sometimes due to major website problems and low traffic, it is necessary to do site migration to improve rank.

What is a site migration?

The site migration is the changes done on the website like location, platform, structure, content, and design. The successful recovery helps in better ranking within few weeks and improves the visibility of the site gradually. It impacts the SEO of the website gets more organic traffic.

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What are different types of migration?

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The different kinds of migration are changing URLs, merging content, website redesign launch, changing the website architecture and structure, switching from HTTP to HTTPS, changing hosting provider, getting into new CMS, changing domain names, and merging websites.

Site location changes

• Domain change/rebranding
• Moving or marching parts of the site
• Moving international sites
• Changing mobile set-up (AMP, PWA)

Platform changes

• Moving to a new platform
• Upgrading platform version
• Introducing new platform features
• Introducing different platforms

Content changes

• Adding or removing pages
• Hiding content
• Consolidating pages/content
• Introducing new languages/locals

Structural changes

• Site hierarchy changes
• Navigation changes
• Internal linking changes
• User journey changes

Design and UX changes

• UX-driven changes across devices
• Look and feel changes
• Media changes
• Site performance changes

Why is site migration tricky?

Making major and minor changes to the web design affects the ranking of the website. It is essential to pay serious attention while making some changes to the site. Otherwise, it will directly change the rank of the website on the search engine. Therefore, it’s tricky to make such changes.

In this topic, we are sharing the necessary changes that Hei Web Creations made for the clients. Our client was struggling with the WordPress error while downloading the backups. They need to transfer their website to another hosting. The following steps helped them to solve their problems. Our team of SEO experts gave superior support to accomplish the task.

Fixing the error in WordPress

The following steps became helpful while downloading the backup file from all-in-one WP Migration tools to migrate their website.
• The SEO expert recognized the problem. The downloading backup file was stuck either on 9.4 MB or never downloaded.
• To fix this issue first, they downloaded WPL in one migration tool.
• Then they transferred the website to another domain and hosting.
• Their website contains all the androids studio projects and updates.
• They started to download the backup file.
• The all-in-one WP Migration Plugin helped to download the backup file that they have already restored.
• But still, it was not downloading. Our experts used the following steps.
• They log in to Cpanel of the website
• And went to the file manager folder
• Then to htdocs folder
• Next to the WP content folder
• Then Backups the folder and started downloading the backup files.
• The files got downloaded
• They made the website with local hosting
• Then they went to the htdocs folder
• Next to WP contents
• Then Backups
• And downloaded the file
• They solved the problem.

The client again got stuck on another problem after the hosting transfer. Our team of experts helped them in solving 404 errors.

Solving 404 error after hosting transfer
The 404 error is not displaying the website content. When the user logs into the website and searches for the URL, it says Site Not Found.

Our professional team went through the following steps to solve this error.
• They Log into the WordPress admin panel
• And went to the Permalink section from setting
• They selected few options and clicked on save changes
• They save permalink settings
• Then the post name again
• and saved the settings again
• It will help them to update all of the permalinks on the server
It is how they solved the problem.

Our SEO Company provided support to our clients in restoring their website in better condition after making all these vital changes. They got benefited from our support.

Many companies are facing various types of problems with their website while making site migration. They can get in touch with professionals to fix their issues. The SEO agencies provide different SEO services to solve their problem and maintain their website in superior condition to get higher organic traffic and visibility on the SERPs.