Why Us?

At Hei Web Creations, we pride ourselves in putting our client first. Unlike many other IT companies in Singapore, we do not follow sales driven policies and strive to put our clients’ needs as priority. We are committed to delivering high quality services and products that complement our clients’ marketing needs and strategies.

web designer Singapore, web developer Singapore, web design company Singapore Designing and developing a website that is practical, user-friendly and serves the needs of your company can be a daunting and tedious process and our team of web designers will be here to provide insights and consultancy. We have been entrusted with numerous web developments and the team has helped our clients to turn their vision into reality.

We see our clients as partners and you will be part of the creation process from Day 1. Communications and legal documents are set in place to ensure your website design or other requirements are properly conveyed and your interests are protected.

No project is too big or small for us. At Hei Web Creations, every project is equally important. We strive to provide the best design for your corporate and business website. To ensure quality and continuity, a 6-month warranty period is implemented for all web development projects. We also provide guaranteed results for our SEO services.

Check out our portfolios for website designs, website development and digital marketing results for SEO, SEM, SMM and EDM over here and contact us to find out more.

Our Services

We take time to understand in detail the requirements and give solutions to the client. Then, we work a skeletal model out.

Bulk of the work is done here. After designing the pages, we programme them. Then, we test them to ensure that you receive the product you want.

No point having a website or app without traffic. We can market them for you using search engine optimization and social media marketing.

SEO company Singapore - Hei web creations - Let your potential clients search you on Google. Your website needs to be at the top few pages to stand out from your competitors.

One of the best way to reach out quickly and effectively to your target audience is through social media. Let us handle your social media acounts and conduct weekly campaign marketing at a reasonable cost! All hassle-free!

Helming the latest technology developed by Matterport from USA, we create the most immersive 3D/VR experience for your potential customers to view your spaces in the most convenient way.

Video and picture best captures people's eyes and hearts. Do a good marketing video or take photos of an event to keep as a portfolio. Use these to reach out to the word!

Tell your branding story with an effective 2D/3D explainer or promotional video with our production team.

Our editorial team offer expert copywriting as well as content writing solutions to meet your content marketing needs.

Customize and design a professional logo that represents your company's branding and identity to wow your clients at their first impression.

We design and create attractive advertising brochure that represents your branding and identity for your potential clients.

Turn your ideas into engaging multimedia presentation to impress your potential partners or clients. Our expertise include 3D simulation modelling, business presentation etc.

About us

Small But Mighty

We are Hei Web Creations, an established web development and digital marketing company in Singapore. As fellow entrepreneurs, we tailor our services after understanding your business needs.  From conceptualization to design, development to implementation, we work closely with business owners to create unique experiences for their clients and customers in the digital space. We suggest and design effective marketing strategies on social media and search engine (SEO and SEM) to create better brand awareness for our clients too. Speak to us for a complimentary consultation and find out more!

Latest Work

Here are some of our past and upcoming projects that reflect our ability to create good products that impress.


You Will Know Us by Our Fruits

“ It was a great pleasure to liaise with Jaden and Rongxin. They listened carefully to what we need and make good recommendations to us. They also followed up to ensure things are working well. Kudos for a job well done! ”

Ernest Fok

Quality Accountants

“ The Hei Web Creations website design team has made my project a success. I am very satisfied with the outcome for my web development. They made the effort to make the website user and SEO friendly and kept within my tight budget. They were also patient with the requirements and my irregular working hours, at times discussing late into the night. Good job, Thank you! ”

Ming Jie

Goldprice Singapore

“ Jaden and his team are very professional and creative. Thank you for a great job. Will certainly work with the team again. ”



“ Don't judge them by their size. They delivered the product with creativity, quality speed. ”


Little Gobbles, Student Learning Portal, CPD Singapore

“ Responsive and fast ! They even attended our problem over the weekends for several times! Overall experience is good ”



“ Jaden met up with us and we instantly felt the difference between him and the people from other IT companies. Questions, suggestions, questions and suggestions. It just kept coming. It feels like business consultancy and IT solutions combined into one. ”

Ken Tay

Student Learning Portal

“ They worked within my budget. Told them I needed an app with this amount of budget. They welcomed to take in the project despite knowing the price. Jaden was encouraging to me as an aspiring entrepreneur because he is one. Definitely worthy of more large scale projects ”


Total Football

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website development Singapore
website development Singapore
website development Singapore

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